The hard rock legend known as FATE came to life in 1984 when guitarist Hank Sherman left Mercyful Fate. Hank hooked up with fellow Copenhagen musicians bassplayer Pete Steiner (a.k.a. Peter Steincke) and drummer Bob Lance (a.k.a. Bjarne Holm). Together they formed Fate with singer and entertainer Jeff "Lox" Limbo.
Originally heralded by the press and fans worldwide as the Danish version of Van Halen (first and foremost due to Limbo's stage appearance), the band rocketed into success with the self titled debut album becoming quite a classic on it's own among the hard rock / AOR / melodic metal fans.
With the follow-up in 1986, "A Matter Of Attitude", Fate established their success, and gained even more fans.
However, 1988 saw the first line-up change in the history of Fate, as Hank Sherman left the band, and the guys had to find a new guitarist to fill the vacant spot. It became The Mysterious Mr. Moth (a.k.a. Jacob Moth).
Output number 3 was the "Cruisin' For A Bruisin'" album, which was less of a serious album, and more in the vein of the albums David Lee Roth were putting out at that time .. in other words, an album fitted perfectly at Limbo's voice and stage antics. The album did quite okay, especially thanks to the single & video "Lovers", but it was evident that the band needed to make some changes to get back to their classic hard rock roots.
With "Scratch N Sniff" in 1990, the band had returned to the same ballsy sound as on the first 2 albums, but also ventured a step further to becoming a more mature and serious band. This was due to 2 major changes; Limbo was out of the band and new singer Per Johansson) took the place as frontman with bravour. Per's voice was made for this kind of music, and his input on the sound of "Scratch N Sniff" was tremendous. Also, this album featured the huge talents of Swedish guitarist Mattias "IA" Eklundh, a young dude, who'd later shoot to stardom with his own band Freak Kitchen. Yes, the sound of Fate was intact, but also more daring and adventurous than ever before.
After several tours in 1990/91, on their own, as well as with Danish collegues Pretty Maids, Fate and Mattias parted ways, as Mattias wanted to focuse on his solo-career and own material.
The band then found a new guitarist in local talent Søren Hoff, and they did a couple of demo's and gigs with this line-up, before Bjarne Holm wanted to persue other things and the band officially decided to take a long break in 1993.
Years went by, and Fate was still a name that reminded people of how great classic hard rock could actually be. In 2004 the guys got the offer to play the prestigious Deep Impact Festival in Germany. So Peter, Per, Søren and the two temporary musicians; drummer Rasmus Duedahl and keyboardist Nicklas Burman, played the gig, and got a really good response from fans and media. This lead to MTM Music wanting to license the "A Matter Of Attitude" and "Scratch N Sniff" albums from EMI, remaster them and release them with some additional bonus tracks.
In the winter of 2005/2006 the band finished recording their next album, "V", with drummer Mikael Kvist and produced by Tommy Hansen (who did "Scratch N Sniff" back in 1990, as well as having produced bands like Helloween, Pretty Maids and many more), and promoted worldwide by Intromental Management. Signed to MTM Music for Europe/Australia/South America and Replica Records for France, Fate released "V" in April 2006 .
In 2008 Jens Berglid joined the band on drums and Mikkel Henderson on keyboards.
Per Johansson leaves the band...
In April 2009 Dagfinn Joensen becomes the new lead-singer..
Søren Hoff leaves..
and is replaced in Januar 2011 by the danish guitarhero Torben Enevoldsen .. And later that year "Ghosts From The Past" is out - produced by the band and mixed by Jacob Hansen, recieving raving reviews. The band plays gigs all over Europe!
"If Not For The Devil" is released in November 2013. Produced by the band and mixed by Jacob Hansen.
Margreta Á Rógvu Jóhannusardóttir joins the band on backingvocal for the extensive touring in 2014.